Dr. MontgomeryDr. Montgomery received his B.S. in Biology from Truman State University and has recently returned as an assistant professor in Biology. Dr. Montgomery received his M.A. thesis degree from the University of Northern Colorado, where he studied clinal variation in Texas horned lizards. After receiving his M.A., he attended the University of Arkansas to study the effects of foraging mode on life history in Agkistrodon contortrix (Copperhead) and Crotalus horridus (Timber Rattlesnake) for his PhD. Dr. Montgomery then moved to Panama as part of his postdoctoral work examining the effects of amphibian decline on snake communities. Dr. Montgomery still conducts research in Central America, including a projects on Ctenosaura and Boa Constrictor on islands off of the north coast of Honduras. Dr. Montgomery travels extensively throughout Central America and when back in the U.S. enjoys spending time with his family in St. Louis.

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